AZ Unlearns: Main Character Syndrome

Main character syndrome is a relatively new phenomenon that has risen to notoriety in internet (and thus popular) cultures. It refers to the self-delusion (often represented online) of being the protagonist in the ongoing, overly-dramatised saga that is one’s life. It’s a mentality that most social media users have a tendency to indulge in and […]

Confidence and Community: An Interview with Topher Campbell

Afro-Queer Artist and filmmaker Topher Campbell has over 20 years of experience in film,  theatre, performance, writing, and site-specific work. His work focuses on sexuality, masculinity, race, human rights,  and climate change. I recently had the honour of speaking to Topher about his latest documentary: Moments That Shaped Queer Black Britain.  Moments That Shaped Queer […]

Intentional Weightloss, Shapewear and the Supreme Reign of Fatphobia

Intentional weight loss is a feat that is most commonly communicated through “before and after” pictures. These pictures are created by former fat people where the “before” pictures portray them looking their “worst” (fat and sad) and the “after” pictures display them at their happiest everything: their happiest body (thin), happiest state of mind, happiest […]