The History and Identity of Trans and Non-binary People in Non-western Communities

Despite what western society seems to believe, transgender and non-binary people have existed for centuries in communities all over the world. Looking at the history of transgender and non-binary people in non-western communities not only highlights the fact that gender non-conformance is far from a modern issue, but also underlines the often-erased identities of transgender […]

Old School Hip-hop Funky Vibes Created By The Talented Duo Vsteeze & Funky DL For Their 4 Track Summer EP

A summer tonic for the soul. Vsteeze and Funky DL respin old school hip-hop boom-bap vibes with this ever so refreshing four-track ep. A polished new addition to their already increasingly powerful discography. Building on the success from their debut EP ‘The Lilac Pack’.  Both talented in their own right, Vsteeze creates slick rhymes which […]

Joy Oladokun’s Label Debut Album “in defense of my own happiness (complete)” Seeks To Fulfil Her Name’s Prophecy With a Tenuous Exploration Of Self

Atmospheric tones, lyrics lacquered in metaphor and pausing percussion expose Oladokun’s sonic experience of love and its differentials. From her platonic appreciation of her friends in “If You Got a Problem” where she narrates the soul-binding exercise of subsuming our friend’s difficulties to lighten their load; to the latter lovelorn ballad “Blink Twice” where her […]